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Enhance Your Spiritual Journey with My Weekly Offerings

I have seen in my group what people are enjoying and finding useful, things that are helping them on their spiritual journey and guiding them through the week.  So I have being making some adjustments to what I am offering weekly and monthly.  I've discovered what most people ask for are the collective readings that feel personalised and insightful in this small private group setting.  

Please click the link and see what I am offering.  You can even sign up for a free 7 DAY TRIAL without any commitment to see what its all about.  I really feel if you see it all - you will love it!!!!  

I do this work with so much love and really hope that you like it or love it too!!!  

Over the month I also offer short reiki infused meditations to help give you that 10 minutes refreshing, recharging pause when you need it, there are self care and self help tips and practical tools to implement to change how you feel in life and to add to your spiritual practice.  

We are a small community that support each other and I aim to try to give you what you need!!!  There is also the opportunity to ask for readings around certain subjects so that questions although aren't address individually, the subject is.  

I also drop in readings when I feel like it!! these are designed to help harness the energy of the moon cycles, season changes or for the weekend - try it - you've nothing to lose!!!  

In the £4.44 $6 monthly Tier there is also access to a 12 part crystal course, psychic energy protection course, energy care course, a recorded tarot course and many workbooks ..... all that you can access when pleases you, there's no need to do it all at once you can watch the content when you have time and feel drawn to.

Please message me if you would like some more information.

Every month you'll see I also offer 

Tarot circle, to learn and practice everything Tarot

The Divination Diva circle where we practice different divination tools and often journal with oracle to connect with our higher self or use them to connect with our soul, past lives and other spiritual aspects, we will also be looking at working with dreams, charm reading and ribbon reading.   

I also offer 2 healing circles a month to recharge your energy and support you on your healing journey - The New Moon Manifesting & Healing and the Full Moon Ancestral Healing, where we go deep into where our blocks are to release trauma and negative repetitive patterns (and so much more).  

If you would like more information let me know!!! 

You can access the space on your laptop but if you want to you can also download the app on your phone for easy access.   


Selena xx

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