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Manifest Magic with Tarot

Empower your future


for 6 weeks at 6pm uk gmt

Have you been trying to manifest but without significant success?

Do you really know what you want?

How do you know what you are manifesting will really make you happy?

What is blocking your manifesting?

Get clear on what you really want to manifest and start manifesting what is in alignment with you - so it will fulfill you.

Fast track your manifesting by learning to use your Tarot to empower your life and bring in what you want to manifest; be it how you want to feel or what you want to achieve.

Use Magic with your Tarot to bring your cards to life and make your wishes a reality.

6 week course

Classes are recorded so you can watch the replay

Workbook with Mantras, moon phases and spreads

8 Step Manifesting Journal

Moon work Journal

Payment plan available

max 8 people

As I gazed upon the mystical symbols etched upon my Tarot cards, I realised their power was not just for divination, but for transformation.

The cards held the keys to unlock a universe of possibilities, to shape my destiny. Thus began my journey, delving deeper into the cards, discovering their secrets and harnessing their magic.

I learned to use them to conjure my heart's desires, but first, I had to ask if my wishes, all that I wanted to manifest, if it was all meant for me, if it was what I truly needed.

I sought to align my manifestations with my soul's purpose, not just fleeting desires. The cards showed me the way, illuminating the issues that needed healing, the blocks that stood in my way, and the path to release them.

I wove together the enchantment of my cards with the magic of altars, candles, and incantations, creating a tapestry of transformation that breathed life into my dreams.

It has been a journey of empowerment, a catalyst that has transformed my life, allowing me to create a reality that fills me with joy and fulfillment.

Bring the magic that lies within the Tarot cards alive for you

In this course you will learn;

Week 1

The basics of the Law of Attraction & how to use it for you

Basic Magick for spell work

Get clear on what to focus on to manifest for your highest good

Week 2

Spreads to help release any blocks & look deep at our shadow self

Get clear on what to focus on to manifest for your highest good

EFT for abundance

Week 3


Sacred space and elements


Moon rituals & working with the moon

Best times/day to cast

Week 4

Spread for manifesting

Money Mantra and use of mantras

How to create incarnations

Candle colour,

A few crystals, oils and herbs if you wish to use them

Week 5

How each tarot card can represent your intention

Put it all together and create spells in group

Week 6

Create your own spell and raise energy

Any other questions etc....

£230 for Members of Moon Healing and Divination

£250 for non members

this includes price includes ongoing support and access to Selena throught the course,

access to the New Moon Manifesting Circle and the Tarot Circle over the duration of the course

For more information contact me

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