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Learn to access, heal and read the Akashic Records

Learn to access & Read Akashic

Records £40 for members

May 11, 2024, 9:30 AM uk

Zoom workshop


What are the Akashic Records

Uses of the akashic and benefits of accessing


Cleansing and clearing your records and your clients


Healing akashic and karmic wounds, Reiki and Past life healing

Guides and Angels of the akashic

how to use mudras, meditations, mantras and symbols to access, heal, and receive guidance and insight for you and your clients

Use Tarot or Oracel cards for insight and guidance

approx 5 hours (break for lunch)

message for more information

£40 for members of Moon Healing and Divination Membership

£90 non members


or book on website events page

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