Tarotscope for the Month of October 

Use your magic, imagination and your talents for success!!


Welcome to October!!  A month where there are opportunities around for growth and expansion but it doesn't come without working at it and maybe being flexible with how you look at things, maybe even inventive.....looking at situations from a new angle to take advantage of the best options available.  I feel like saying that the more you put into it the more that you will get out of it - so this isn't to say that things don't come easy - they do but you need to put some effort and focus into the things that you want to bring into your life.  

Persistence and mindset -then you will be able to fly!!  Be led by your strong intuition this month and trust in yourself and your feelings, don't allow yourself to be dissuaded or miss guided by others that you have previously been influenced by  

The page brings with him exciting challenges (that you are ready for), new creative projects, and plans.   The knight is passionate so don't be surprised if you receive a hot love note!